What brought you to Sisu?

Notes written by our fall students...



In her words...

I’m kaylie I am 14 years old.  I love to dance and sing. I heard about Sisu Academy through my moms friend, who is now working here. I’m came to Sisu because I didn’t think I was going to do well in a normal high school. I didn’t feel like I was ready to transition into a big school. Academically, I can struggle so I guess I needed more one on one help from teachers which I knew i would not get at a normal school. Also there were things going on at home with me and my mom I needed a break and so did she so now I’m here. One thing I hope I can get from this experience is to improve my work ethic and be more positive.



In her words...

Hi, my name is Izabelle, I came to the school because I had a hard time at my school and I really want to try a new school. This school is interesting because it’s all girls. When I meet Mindy, our principal, for the first time, I was so happy to try this school. It was so exciting to come here and meet all the girls for the first time. What I hoped to find was what I found, good friends and people I trust. I love all my teachers and all the staff. I never really bonded with staff and teacher until I came to this school. It is so much fun here, I never had this experience in my life and now I have that opportunity. It is amazing.



In her words...

Hi, my name is Lei'lani. What brought me here was one of my friends told me about it. I have not had the most positive experience at home. I was living with my grandma's friend who was my guardian. I came to Sisu because I saw it as a new experience and wanted to try something new for school. I hope to achieve my dream to be a pediatrician.   



In her words...

My name is Zoe. I love to read. I recently was accepted into a summer program for the young doctors youth program at Harvard Future Medical Professionals program in Boston. I came to Sisu to escape my home life and fix my mental health issues. The fact that a school like this is tuition free is important for me because my family would not be able to afford this. During my time here at Sisu, I hope to learn all of the necessary life skills that will prepare me for college, and have a better mindset.



In her words...

I'm Sam, my bad actions and bad decision making brought me here, yet just because I made bad decisions doesn't make me a bad person. I decided to be here because If I'm not here I'm somewhere worse and this is a great program. I hope to achieve trust, love, and support from my family again and I hope to make them proud.



In her words...

My name is Maliyah and I came here to build what matters, “the heart of a school.” Sisu is opening and welcoming. It’s different from a traditional school. I’ve experienced growth in ways I couldn’t have imagined in such a short time. I’ve faced my personal challenges head on. I’ve grown in the competencies of self love, patience and boundaries and math. I still have some work to do on my ability to persevere and pivot, health and wellness and my vision of the future. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to achieve those things here.



In her words...

I'm Kayden, I wanted to start a new life kinda. I’m an artist, love anime, scary movies, Tom Holland, dance and fashion. I grow up in a kind of tough family life, but I don’t let that define me. I decided to be here because I wanted to start fresh with a new way of doing school and a new way of thinking. My Hope is to help out the world in different ways and helping others as well. I also love drawing and want to use that in some way.



In her words...

My name is Stella and I came to Sisu to try something new, a boarding school. Since I’ve joined I’ve made some good friend which I didn’t have previously. I’ve grown in self love by stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve been scared of heights for a long time and in this program I did what I could never imagine, i climbed a rock wall during camp. Next step for me is to continue to try new things.