Imagine the impact a tuition-free boarding school will have on the individual students, the families, and communities we all live in...

For my 40th birthday I'm asking for 40 individuals to join me in making an impact by donating $1,000 each.

Welcome To The 40 For 40

My name is Jabez LeBret and this is little me at about three-years old. 

I often reflect back on the impact Sisu Academy would have had on my life. If you landed on this page that means you know my story or someone who does and how challenging things were. I was homeless in high school and ended up a dropout. Eventually, I went back to  get my GED and attended Gonzaga University. I worked as a financial analyst at Nordstrom, started an award winning marketing agency and then sold that company to pursue a bigger passion...

Together with a team I am opening a new school that can have the impact on those kids like me.

That is why I am looking for 40 people who want to join me on my 40th birthday in making an impact. This project is more than a passion, this project is a life-line for some.

We are lucky to be on this journey.


Join us today. 

"Sisu”: The Finnish concept for stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness

These are the exact traits that create success

Our school embodies “sisu” 

Sisu Academy is the first tuition-free, boarding high school, with an embedded incubator fueled by entrepreneurs and seed capital creating an immersive learning environment that funds all operational costs. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit for public good working to bring innovative education to San Diego Students in need. 

Underserved and disengaged students often lack the resources and support to become tomorrow’s leaders in our country. The skills gap is widening due to a system crippled by lack of funding, rendering truly inspiring solutions cost prohibitive. These students need a place to learn, to fail, grow, build empathy and cultivate the values of sisu. We will expand beyond the prevailing education models and create something new. More, we will expose those in need to new ways of thinking, learning, opening up a new road before them.


Sisu is a four-grade high school that will enroll and house a total of 350 students from the local community in Southern California. Providing an environment with wraparound support services for those in need, including healthy food, farming, project-based learning, skills training, STEAM education and counseling. All of these programs will be viewed through an entrepreneurial lens to address social and business-related challenges impacting both the students and the community at large. We will teach students to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth and future success. These efforts will also provide the revenue-creating structures allowing Sisu to sustain its model.


Enrollment at Sisu will be at no cost to the students. Program fit and a student’s need will be what matters. We will take no funding from state, local or federal governments. We believe in continuing to support public education. Starting with a smaller freshman class in the 2018-19 school year, each year we will add more students, reaching a full capacity of 350 students in five years.


Philanthropy Magazine Spring 2018 Edition:

Featuring Sisu Academy as an innovative approach to addressing the needs of children who come from disorganized or dysfunctional families. 

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Sisu Academy in Philanthropy Magazine

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