Want to Teach at Sisu?

Hiring now for rock star founding teachers to start this Spring/Summer!

We know you are in this to impact lives, change education for the better, and join an amazing team of educators. AND, you still need to make a living. 

About Us

Imagine for a moment you have the opportunity to teach to each student's strengths while developing a project-based curriculum rooted in entrepreneurship. Imagine being able to take each student's learning beyond what they thought possible, while enjoying the full support from your school leaders to continue your own learning and development. Envision yourself teaching astronomy as a night class from the Palomar Observatory. You might partner with an art and humanities teacher to study night photography and the historical significance of storytelling through multiple cultures. As a Sisu Academy founding teacher, you will be on the ground floor as we create these open-walled, integrated experiences together.

​At Sisu Academy we remove the constraints you would find in typical schools. Learning is no longer walled-in and can happen anywhere at anytime. We recognize that students learn differently, content can be taught in many ways, learning happens beyond a 50-minute class period, and textbooks or ipads are not always the best tools. Come join us in reimagining the high school model for learners who need it the most. 

This is an opportunity to be a part of something big, new and important. We value the teacher as a pivotal role in the learner’s journey. That is why we are creating best teaching environment you’ve ever encountered. We are investing in your development as both a person and a professional. Oh, and we pay you a fair wage for the work that you do. 

With clear paths for advancement for individual contributors and future administrators you always know where you are headed and how to grow. This leads to more autonomy and control of your future. If you are looking to punch the clock and work bell-to-bell this is not the job for you. We are looking for game-changers who are in this to make an impact. And have fun while doing it! 

About You

​You are a rockstar teacher, self-starter, entrepreneurial, achievement-oriented and a boundary pusher. When you see obstacles you are creative, resourceful and push beyond those metaphorical & physical walls. You want to make a difference in the lives of students who are continually underserved. The idea of rolling up your sleeves and building a new and unique model with other teachers as passionate as you excites you. You will be working in progressive, innovative education environment with founders. Moving fast, thoughtfully, and with precision, is key to success. Your teaching will empower struggling students, change lives and impact futures. 


Too good to be true? Try - Why has it taken so long to get this right...?

We provide competitive salaries, although we know you are not in this just for the money. We offer and encourage real professional development beyond just a staff meeting. We want you to travel to conferences and not have to go out-of-pocket to cover the expenses. If you want to speak or write...we encourage and support that as well. How do we support this? By hiring enough educators so you have time to dedicate to PD and other important professional activities. Our management model is an inverted pyramid. This means the manager's job is to support the people they manage to ensure their success. We also provide full health and wellness benefits, 403(b) (the nonprofit version of a 401K), ample vacation time, and an amazing work culture that you get to help build. Because we believe in equal pay for equal work, our pay model is highly structured, graduated and performance-based. This means you know exactly what it will take to get a raise and active steps needed to advance. No guesswork, just simple transparency.​

We believe having an awesome team around you and working with great people is truly a benefit. ​We have a mix of educators and business professionals working on this project. Becky and Jabez (Sisu Academy co-founders), both come from the business world. This means that our model for setting up how teachers and staff are paid and treated is a positive blend of the best from both business and education. 

We also have the best PD in town. You can look forward to staff retreats, design thinking Pub Crawls, choose-your-own-adventure Edcamps, local and national school visits and innovative speakers from both the business and education world. No cookie-cutter PD here!

Founding Teacher Responsibilities

As a founding teacher, we need you to do more than simply teach (HA! As if teaching was simple!) Building both academic and social-emotional competencies, learner progressions and accompanying diagnostic and summative assessments will be our initial work. Next, you'll be collaborating with a team of teachers to design and implement a curriculum that truly focuses on whole-child development and is inspired by project based and other experiential pedagogy. We'll be creating aligned strength-based formative assessments in order to analyze data with learners, create groups, adapt teaching decisions, and pivot curriculum offerings based on real-time results and learner-centered progress.






Goal setter



What does success look like?

Ideate, research, prototype, implement, iterate and repeat. You are someone who is constantly pushing the envelope, dissatisfied with the status quo and constantly working to be better and build better models. Reflect and revise previous year’s learning model based on data outcome and shifting learner needs. Mentor and co-teach fellow teachers. Develop avenues to collect student feedback on all aspects of Sisu life. Build community connections to create a network of adult mentors and entrepreneur advisors for our learners.

Interpreting data

Student centered design

Restorative practices

Curriculum development

Applied educational theory

Assessment design



Subject area credential

Masters and/or PhD

Bilingual- Spanish & English speaking



Sound interesting?

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