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At Sisu Academy, our goal is to help your daughter excel, receive a top tier education, and ultimately to become a productive member of the community. Whether she decides to continue on to college, launch a career, or develop a business. We provide the educational background and the social emotional intelligence to tackle any challenge that comes their way in life. Imagine your child having the life skills and personal financial acumen to excel on their own…that will put her ahead of her peers. ​

Sisu Academy is truly different. It's the first tuition-free, all-girls, boarding high school, funded by a dynamic small-business incubator. This means there is no cost for your daughter to attend our school. The model is audacious because we take no public vouchers to fund the program. For more information about how we fund our program please visit our Funding Page.  ​​


Parent FAQ ​

What grade levels do you serve and how many students will you have?

Sisu is a four-year academy (grades 9-12). We will enroll 90 young women in the first freshman class and grow the program every year after, with a cap at 350 students. There is also an optional one-year transition, if needed, for students to transition into life after high school.  ​


Who will be admitted as students to Sisu?

First, let's start with who is a good fit for our school. Students that are not currently fitting into the traditional model of Monday-through-Friday, bell-to-bell education who may want to explore our immersive and personalized education model. Some students may have poor grades and not test well in the traditional model, but have the determination and will to succeed in life. ​ Other students may be doing well academically but need more support to be comfortable socially. Our admission process includes assessment testing for personality fit and aptitude for the program. The process will include interviews with parents, guardians, teachers, and counselors, campus visits, and a conversation with each candidate.  ​


​​Why a boarding school and does my student have to live on campus?

Our school is designed to create an immersive learning environment that sparks a life-long passion for learning, creativity, and personal growth. Because our goal is create the most well equipped students after graduation, we needed to shift the education paradigm.



To do this, we are ditching the traditional Monday-through-Friday, 50-minute class period model. Some classes will be one-on-one with a teacher, some will be project based learning in teams, there will be classroom instruction time, and some online learning. Students will also learn valuable skills on our five-acre farm and inside our maker labs. Our favorite example is the potential for a nighttime Astronomy class. If a 4 AM meteor shower is occurring, the students will have the option to experience and learn about that event in real time. In order to help every student get the most out of our education model, every student must live on campus.  ​


​​Is this like a Montessori school?

Not exactly. Yes, we will have some elements that may look similar to the Montessori model, but our program goes beyond most traditional and non-traditional models. Each student is assessed to learn how she learns best. Each student's learning is tailored to meet their unique needs and strengths. This means one student may have 40% class time, 10% one-on-one, 30% hands-on, and 20% online learning – but their peer's model may be very different. Not every student will have exactly the same mix, but every student will participate in every learning environment.   ​

Will my student be college ready when they leave your school?

Absolutely. College readiness is one of the real strengths of the Sisu Academy, and not just because of the “life skills,” but because of the collaborative environment, project-based learning, opportunity for creativity and ingenuity, real-life application curriculum and a strong connection with the community. In fact, we believe they will be more college ready than their peers simply because we allow for both learning core curriculum while also diving deep into topics of interest. 

Family Interviews Happening Now

Want to hear more? Complete this brief interest form so we can schedule a chat and answer your questions.

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