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Sisu Academy

We were honored to build a vision alongside our community to help improve access to both education and support for students who come from situations that make learning a challenge.
To our supporters and partners, we say thank you! The global pandemic had a dramatic impact on our ability to maintain operations based on our previous model. 
We will be taking the year to evaluate our program and how to best serve our community when our model becomes more feasible. For the last several years we have made a positive impact on our community and students...for that we are grateful.
Stay safe, be well, and take care.
Jabez and Becky are still working so if you should need anything please contact them directly.
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Empathy First

Fail Intelligently  

Fueled by Grit

Collaborative Competition

Curiosity of Learning 

Mailing Address

2801 B Street

Suite 586

San Diego, CA 92102

Tel: (619) 630-0610